Aftercare & Home Care

Aftercare is so important; washing your lashes daily is extremely important. This can help tremendously with your lash retention (and at the same time save you money)

The reason we have lashes is to protect our eyes, debris gets caught in the lash line and therefore it is imperative we wash our lashes daily (lash bath) with the correct lash cleanser and a lash brush.

Step 1: First step to your routine is to gently wash your lashes with luke warm water & gently wash your lashes with a lash shampoo,

  • As the formula’s are made specifically for your lash extensions. All products you use needs to be oil free, and many popular cleansers contain oil.
  • Anything containing oil will weaken the extension, and will cause them to shed/fall off.

Step 2: Second step is pumping the foam wash onto your lash brush/ or wand and gently wash your lashes, especially along the lash line, in a gentle and downward motion, as opposed to roughly washing side to side.

  • Remember to not use any cotton near your lash extensions, as the cotton will attach to your lash extensions and rip them off.

Step 3: Gently pat dry your lashes and then use a lash wand / mascara wand to gently brush and fluff them.

“You are making an investment in yourself and your lash extensions, you don’t want to see them go to waste.”