The appointment time is BOOKED especially for you.

We strive to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability.  Please honor your appointment, if you must cancel or reschedule please do so at least 24 hours or maximum 6 business hours* before your appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee. If cancelling/rescheduling for 2 or more people, please do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee.  (eg)10:00AM appointments must be cancelled 6 business hours in advance by 2:00PM the previous day, not 4:00AM on the day of the appointment.

You will lose your deposit fee for late notice cancellations. If the affected service is part of a discounted series or promotion, then the service will be forfeited if the appointment is not rescheduled 24 hours prior to your appointment time. All cancellations must be made and confirmed within the correct time frame.

No-shows will be billed for the full (100%) amount for the appointment.

Clients who have no-showed for appointments will be asked to prepay their service inadvance when booking future appointments.

All appointment cancellations must be made & confirmed. Appointment cancellations through social media is not accepted.



We ask that our clients to arrive at the right time promptly for their appointments to ensure sufficient time for quality results.

The length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.

Clients arriving over 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule, 30 minutes late will be treated as a cancellation, as accommodating late clients may inconvenience the lash artists’ next appointments. While we will try our best to accommodate you, but understand that your appointment may be rescheduled at our discretion. In this event, the cancellation/rescheduling policy will come into effect.

Your appointment may be shortened or rescheduled to ensure that we can complete services, provide you with the absolute highest quality of work, and to ensure that we are on schedule for our other clients



The Lash and Brow Fairy takes great pride in the work we do! If you have any concerns with the service you received, let us know within 24 hours and we will fix it to your satisfaction at no extra charge. This is a policy we are proud to offer!


The Lash and Brow Fairy does not offer refunds on services. We do however, offer a GUARANTEE POLICY (see above


We do not perform refill services on work that was not done at Lash and Beauty Fairy – unfortunately NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please ensure all fills/refills/infills are booked in advance.

If you have lash extensions on, you must get them removed before receiving your first new set or book for a removal and ensure there is enough time.

This is to avoid the risk of mixing different adhesives and materials from work done in other salons.

If you have less than 10 lash extensions the purchase of a full set will be charged, and the time allocation will need to be changed or rescheduled.

If it has been more than one month since your last appointment, the purchase of a full set will be required regardless of how many lash extensions you have remaining—lash extensions need professional grooming by a qualified technician at least once per month in order to be in maintained in proper condition so that a relash can be applied successfully.

Your natural lashes shed daily and weekly. To maintain the look of your full set, fills / infills are recommended every two weeks. Our technicians can only work with whatever time has been booked. If it has been more than two weeks since your last visit, please book for a new set or 3 week fill.



If you experience an allergic reaction to any of the products used during a service, please notify us immediately for assistance in assessing the situation. While this has never happened, you should go see a doctor immediately.

If you have experienced allergic reactions to eyelash extensions in the past and think you may have any allergies, please let us know prior to your appointment.

A patch test can be administered before your appointment – please ensure you book this time in prior to your appointment. Refunds are not given for allergic reactions.

Any reactions to eyelash extensions are  unforeseeable,  especially as we only use the best adhesives. (No refunds will be issues for reactions). Please contact with the salon immediately if you become aware of allergic reaction so we can assist you as quickly as possible to remove the lash extensions.



Should be turned onto silent mode and put away OR in the charging station (if we have a cable for your phone) in order to minimize distractions and potential hazards—this is crucial for eye and brow services, which involves the use of tweezers and adhesives around the delicate eye area, and therefore requires a great deal of focus and precision.


Please be courteous and respectful of your technician’s time and work by keeping your phone on silent until you have left the session room.



We require up to a deposit from guests for all services which are regularly priced  (based on the regular price, not loyalty/membership pricing). The deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied towards your service. If you No Show or Late Cancel, your deposit will be forfeited. If we are unable to provide your service due to non-compliance of our appointment policies, it will also result in a forfeiture of your deposit.



We cannot accommodate small children in the lash room as our team will not be able to provide supervision. Thank you for your consideration.



Our minimum age requirement for services is 18 years of age.  16 and younger may also receive services with a parent/guardian.


Makeup Removal Charge:

Please arrive without any eye makeup if possible, avoid applying mascara on the day or evening before your appointment. If you do have mascara on, make sure to wash it off thoroughly before your appointment time, and do not use an oil-based makeup remover, as leftover oil residue may result in premature shedding due to a weaker bond between the extensions and your natural lashes. Do not use waterproof mascara or eyeliner. There is a R50 fee if our technician has to remove eye makeup, and it may cut into your session time.

Please ensure you purchase the correct lash shampoo and brush to cleanse your lashes.

If you wear contacts, please bring a contact case, as contacts should not be worn during the lash application process. Further, we recommend that you wait 12 to 24 hours after your service before wearing your contacts again in order to minimize potential infections or irritation to the eyes.



All prices are subject to change. All product purchases are final; no exchanges or refunds.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support and trusting the Lash and Brow Fairy.